Postgraduate Curry Night - A blog by Luana Riebel

a bowl of food on a table

As a postgraduate in University you can sometimes feel like the odd one out. Most students are undergraduates with loads of lectures, assignments and free time. Sometimes, talking about your research project, lab work, case studies and research proposals can feel alien, as though it was from outer space!

To give postgraduates a space to discuss all those exciting parts of research life, Residence life is putting on more and more postgraduate events - like the postgraduate curry nights. And since I have just started my Master’s degree I was up for a night in the pub with some fellow postgrad students!

We met Residence Life mentor Derick in the University Arms. Sitting down in a cosy pub is just the right treatment for a cold and rainy November evening. We gathered around a table with some drinks and crisps. Some of us had met each other on previous events and there was a lot to catch up on. But it was also great to see some new faces and hear about their studies. 

Of course, even postgraduates have a life outside of Uni! After the lovely - and free(!) curry - we chatted about our plans for Christmas, places that have opened in Sheffield over the summer, like the board game cafe or the new Harley pub, and the all time favourite Brexit.

Personally, I had a great night. It feels lovely to meet and chat to peers who go through similar academic struggles and challenges and to motivate each other. I can’t wait to see what we all achieve in the next months!

Keep an eye out for more postgrad events in the Postgraduate newsletter.

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