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Peddler Night Market

One of Sheffield’s worst-kept secrets is the Peddler Night Market. Hosted in a 7500 square foot former industrial warehouse in Kelham Island, it’s a little tricky to track down but it is most definitely worth it when you do.
Peddler Night Market usually takes place on the first Friday and Saturday of every month between March and December. However, this year, they decided to do something special on the first Saturday of February: they hosted an entirely vegetarian and vegan themed event. Seeing as though my partner and my best friend are both veggies, it seemed like the perfect night out for us this month!
Peddler combines street food, drinks, music, and vendors. The line-up of each of these changes every month, which keeps the whole event feeling fresh even if you attend multiple times. However, there are mainstays, such as the Nether Edge Pizza Co., who serve super fresh and absolutely delicious pizzas (we had Camembert and roasted garlic… amazing!) and garlic bread. On this occasion, in addition to pizza, there were stalls selling Indian ‘gunpowder chips’, gourmet mac ‘n’ cheese, Thai curries, coconut ice cream, Greek wraps, vegan battered sausages and much more. There was even a place to purchase vegan-friendly cocktails!


The fun doesn’t stop once you finish eating, however. We enjoyed browsing the items on sale by local independent vendors. The organisers invite a mix of designers, crafters and artists, who each have their own stalls. They sell a variety of interesting items, from candles to clothing and canvases. If you’re looking for something unusual to give as a gift, Peddler is definitely a good place to browse – and you can eat pizza at the same time!

Whilst you’re eating the yummy food and perusing the unique craft items on sale, you can also listen to the live music. Peddler hosts a variety of talented local artists, who work really hard to put on a great show for everyone there. The live music really contributes to creating a buzzy, lively atmosphere, which makes going to the Market a really good night out. If you’re feeling especially enthusiastic, there’s a dance floor for you to show off your best moves!

Entry to the event is free, which is always a plus when you’re a student. I should mention that the things on sale, including the food and drink, can be a little pricey. However, as a once-a-month treat, it should hopefully be achievable even for those on a strict budget! There’s also often a queue to get in so I’d recommend that you take an umbrella or a coat so you can stay warm and dry whilst you wait. Despite these small notes of caution, I would still definitely recommend checking out Peddler at least once before you leave Sheffield. Who could say no to delicious food, live music and a great social atmosphere?!

You can find out more about the Night Market by searching for ‘Peddler’ on Facebook or by visiting their website here: 

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