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Outdoor Cinema Comes to The Endcliffe Paddock!

Last Friday, we at Residence Life held our annual outdoor cinema where we screened Black Panther. Scores of students joined us on Endcliffe Paddock for our cinematic trip to the land of “Wakanda” even despite less-than-summery weather.

Throughout the evening there was food in abundance. The scent of buttery, caramelised popcorn travelled far beyond the stands on the Edge Piazza. No student could have been nestled deeply enough into their exam prep to escape the temptation. Soon after, freshly-baked pizza was available too as Proove arrived on scene to keep appetites whetted. The festivities didn’t stop there, mind you, as a caricature artist, and a glitter artist were all on hand. All this hubbub meant the Piazza saw queues long enough to make Jon’s Van jealous.


As dusk fell, more people yet joined us on the paddock. Four massive tarps and a sea of throws and blankets seated the audience. With the last few shards of daylight slinking away, we blasted some pop tunes and we waited for full nightfall. At this point we were all a bit chilly so to keep warm, tipples and toddies were being topped up all around us. For those of us working that evening however, we resigned to doing an awkward two-step to the music in our own efforts to keep the cold away.


Soon enough, the film started rolling and everyone strapped in for two hours of sheer cinematic magic. The movie was playful, punchy, and packed full of culturally relevant quips. Well-fed and entertained, the audience left the field having had a welcome break from their studies which doubled as a nice celebration of the end of term.

The only low point of the night was the amount of rubbish that was left behind by the students for us staff to pick up!  If everyone had only taken away their rubbish for recycling or general waste, it would have been so much better for the environment and the staff working the event!  

Hopefully the event will be repeated next year, let’s just hope the amount of rubbish left behind won’t!

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