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New Year's Resolutions???

I have a love/hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. On one hand, I think the new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and to make positive changes to your life in the new year ahead. On the other hand, the reality more often than not is that you give them up after 3 weeks and you let the shame consume you (usually in a large bar of chocolate). I also think that when we think of New Year’s resolution, ideas of weight loss and slimming down are at the forefront of our minds (advertisements and the media are most definitely to blame) and I think these ideas are problematic and don’t necessarily encourage a healthy lifestyle. Anyway ramblings aside, I thought I would note down three (hopefully) achievable New Year’s resolutions which can be met in Sheffield.

  1.  Getting Stronger - Although I mentioned above my hatred of the idea of slimming down for the new year, the idea of getting stronger and fitter (while still enjoying tasty things like chocolate and cake) is honestly a great one. The (few) times I have managed to keep up a fitness schedule, I have felt great, noticing how much stronger I felt. I am no health and fitness expert but I am pretty sure that there are nearly infinite ways of developing strength and fitness. I want to get back into spinning this term (there is a free session at Goodwin on a Wednesday evening for those in uni accommodation) and, although it’s tough and exhausting, you do feel pretty proud of yourself afterwards. Last term, I went regularly to the free Zumba class at Ranmoor and this is something that I want to continue in 2018 since it is so fun and you hardly notice how much you are actually working out. You can book free residence life fitness classes at:
  2. Read More - I don’t mean your lecture reading (although it’s probably a good idea to try and keep up with that too!), I mean reading for pleasure. I love reading but, during the business of uni life and the ease of putting something on Netflix, it is an easily neglected passion. I am firm believer that whenever you read a book, you learn something new and usually unexpectedly. So I am aiming to read 20 books this year to remind myself of why reading is so important and enjoyable.
  3. See more of Sheffield - I have a fairly long list of where I want to visit while living in Sheffield and I think the new year is a perfect excuse to start crossing some of these off. I have yet to venture into the Peak District, and I also want to visit Bakewell. Chatsworth House is also high on my list, as is the alpaca farm which is just on the edge of the Peak District. A little closer to Endcliffe residences is Endcliffe park, which looks like a nice place to have a wonder around. I would also love to see some shows at the Lyceum or Crucible theatre in town, as well as pop into Weston Park Museum. We are so lucky in Sheffield accommodation to be so close to a variety of interesting places so why not go out and explore some of them?

There we go - three achievable New Year’s resolutions which are not focused on losing weight and reducing cake intake!

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