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My Top Five Favourite Sheffield Places!

One of the things I like most about being at Sheffield uni, is being here, in Sheffield! During my time here I have discovered a variety of places, some quirky, some cute, and some that are simply beautiful. Today I’m going to share with you my top five favourite places in Sheffield, which hopefully will give you some recommendations for where to go and explore. However, as I’ve still got so much more exploring to do, I’m also sharing my five places that I want to visit or explore more in the New Year.

1. Five Rivers Café in Broomhill: Living in student accommodation in one of the student villages, my nearest shops for food are in Broomhill. However, I have been very impressed by the selection of cafes there too. What I like most about this café is how quirky it is- It’s the first café I’ve ever been to with floor seating, yes you read that right, floor seating! They have a really cosy and cute little area where you can sit on the floor with mini tables and cushions! It makes you feel a bit like a Borrower, but I love it. It’s definitely a good one to take friends or family to if they come to visit you, as they’ll be sure to appreciate just how wacky it is.

2. Waterstones (Sheffield city centre): As an English student, this is perhaps a rather predictable choice, but it definitely deserves a mention. This Waterstones shop is two floors, including a café, and is fairly wide as well - so lots of space for books! It is so nice to just go in and browse. Perhaps if you’re waiting to meet someone in town, you can while away some time being in there.

3. The Nottingham House: the one-stop place for pie! Nicknamed ‘The Notty’, by us students, this is a lively pub in Broomhill, where you can get legendary pies. I’ve only been once but would love to go again! Just be warned, you may well leave feeling like you can never eat again. The pies look small but they are very filling!

4. Weston Park: a lovely park located next to Weston Park Museum. Unfortunately it’s a bit too cold at the moment to go and sit there, but in the warmer months it’s the perfect place to sit and eat your lunch if you’ve got a break between lectures, or, if you do a subject like English or History, go sit and while away some time catching up on reading whilst simultaneously enjoying being out in nature. I often cut through the park on my way home after lectures, just to see it!

5. Sheffield Cathedral: This is a must-see if you’re in Sheffield in my opinion, it is so beautiful. I went there recently for a carol service and it had a great atmosphere, with everyone crammed in together singing carols, even if it was a bit on the chilly side! They also have a really nice shop there, where you can buy cards and souvenirs. It’s also a very nice place to go if you just fancy a bit of peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of uni and city life.

Those are my five favourite places in Sheffield so far!

Now here are the ones I’d like to explore more…

1. The Peaks: I really don’t feel like I’ve taken advantage enough of being so close to such beautiful countryside, so in the New Year I’d really love to do some more walks in and around the Peak District.

2. Chatsworth House: I went here very recently to visit the Christmas market, but did not see much of the house itself, apart from the outside. I would love to go and spend the day looking round the house, walking around the grounds and gardens and just generally exploring, perhaps with friends or family.

3. Broomhill Library: An ex-student from Sheffield said that there is a library in Broomhill, which I definitely want to go explore whenever I next have time! Libraries are such brilliant places, and if you’ve got one near you, you should definitely make the most of it.

4. Crookes Valley Park: I have walked past this park several times but never actually gone inside it. One for the warmer weather months I reckon!

5. Ecclesall Road: This is a really nice area of Sheffield close to both the Botanical gardens and Endcliffe Park, which I’ve been to several times over the last few months - but would like to go to more. It has some great little cafes and charity shops, and although is a bit further to get to from Broomhill area, it would be worth it in my opinion.

So now I’ve hopefully given you some ideas for places to explore in and around Sheffield, let’s all go off adventuring and see what we find.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and New Year!


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