My top 3 favourite Res Life Activities

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So, most of you living in the residences know by now that Residence Life organises a large number events and activities and I have always cherished this aspect of living in University-owned accommodation. Once University starts, we get so caught up with our University commitments that we forget about our relaxation and taking a time-out but taking part in a Res Life activity give us a much needed break.

Here are my top 3 favourite Res Life activities

  • Give It a Go – Day Trips

One of my absolute favourites at the Give It a Go (GIAG) programme! While these activities are open to all the students, being part of Residence Life means that you get a discount on all tickets to GIAG events! GIAG activities are non-committal, one-off events that you can take part in. They can be around anything, food, language or dance! However, my favourites are the Day-Trips.  You can visit a new city or town nearly every weekend!

  • Fitness Classes

The other type of Res Life activities that I really like are the fitness classes organised in collaboration with Sport Sheffield.  What I absolutely love about these fitness classes is the great variety I can try. And classes are so much more interesting than  getting on to a treadmill at a gym.  My favourite classes are Zumba and Women’s Boxing and I absolutely recommend you to give these a try (and all the others classes off course)! 

  • Art and Craft activities

Last but definitely not the least are the craft activities organised by Res Life. These are, in my opinion, the best way to un-wind and relax. After a long day of lectures, taking part in some painting classes or craft activity is very relaxing. And again, like all the other Res Life activities the absolutely different ranges of activities is just amazing from 3D paper model making to pottery!  Which reminds me, the Halloween Pumpkin Carving is just around the corner!

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