My journey with the 10k steps walking challenge- blog by Aditi Rane

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We are more than halfway through the walking challenge, and while I went into it rather optimistic, I found myself facing several hurdles along the way.

To start, I have always tried to walk at least 10,000 steps every day, so I thought it would be pretty easy-going in. However, after the first week, I lost motivation and found it progressively harder to find the time to walk the required number of steps. I realized that I had never held myself accountable for walking every day before, but for the first time now, I was. So, on days where I simply did not have the time, I’d worry all day and stress while figuring out how I was going to squeeze in an hour for a walk, and when it would get to 10 o’clock and had barely reached 3,000 steps, I would start panicking and walking around my room for the sole purpose of getting steps.

 This was when I realized that I was missing the entire purpose of the challenge; it’s also when I wrote my article about burning out. I came to the realization that I was missing the whole point of the challenge, which was to encourage me to live a better lifestyle, so even though I was getting the steps in and getting positive re-enforcement from my fitness tracker, I felt tired and dreaded going on another walk. When I did my research for that article, one of the tips was to stop focusing on the numbers, and that’s what I did. I didn’t look at my step count or obsess over it for a whole day, and I barely got 2k steps that day, BUT I was ok with it! I found comfort in breaking my routine and taking some time off. I could get more of my university work done, so I was productive regardless, and I had not spent any time worrying about when I should go walk.

 The next day, I went on a hike but adopted the same mentality of choosing to not look at my step count until the end of the day, I got a whopping 20k steps in by simply walking for the joy of it, and that’s more than I had ever accumulated throughout the challenge.

 So, approaching the final week of the challenge, I am going in with a much more positive mindset towards walking. While it is a challenge, I refuse to get bogged down by the numbers, and I’m going to focus on being more intuitive towards what my body needs. If you’ve been feeling the same way, I would recommend you check out my article on burnout, and good luck!

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