Moving out of Uni Accommodation

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*This only applies to you if you are moving out of accommodation.

After such an unexpected turn to semester two with the global pandemic, you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed and also excited to return home to friends and family. We are grateful for your patience and understanding of the changes in your living situation and uni life at this uncertain time. 

To answer any questions and concerns about moving out, we thought we’d put together some useful information about moving out of our accommodation so you don’t forget any crucial steps before you move back home for the summer. We have included everything you need to know - there’s no need to worry!

Returning your card and keys

Please make sure you have handed in your -

  • Keys to room and flat 

  • Fob to room and flat

  • Cycle keys

  • Post locker keys

  • Circuit laundry card

These can be handed in at The Edge  or The Ridge if you are at Ranmoor/Endcliffe or the respective receptions at Allen Court or St Vincents.

What can I do with my belongings that I no longer need/want?

Please donate any unwanted items to our chosen charities rather than throwing them in the general waste bin.  Alternatively please email to advise any belongings left in your room can be donated.

If you are at Allen Court or St Vincents, you can donate your unwanted clothing items to the British Heart Foundation. There are two bins at Allen Court, if these are not open please put them in the vats in the common room.

Please do not donate any duvets or bed linen to the British Heart Foundation as they are unable to accept them, please take all duvets and bed linen home with you.

We have two charities that you will be able to donate to at The Ridge and The Edge. 

The two charities are Scope and St Vincents. The collection points will be fully signposted and Customer Service staff will be able to point you in the right direction if you are unsure of the location. 

Neither charities are accepting duvets or bed linen,  please take all duvets and bed linen home with you.

We understand that there are travel restrictions in place for International Students not based in the UK and would encourage you to explore the options set out.  If these options are not suitable at this moment in time, please let the Accommodation Office know of your intentions and we will be back in contact shortly with further information. At this moment in time, we will not be providing a deadline for you to collect belongings due to travel restrictions.

You have a number of choices available when it comes to collection/moving out your belongings - 

  1. Collect your belongings in person, bringing your own PPE with you.  Please also take your own PPE home with you, for disposal

  2. Arrange for a friend or family member to collect your belongings and provide us with written confirmation that they can do so on your behalf (email or letter), bringing their own PPE with them.  Please also ensure they are aware of what building/flat they need to enter, and also take their own PPE home with them, for disposal

  3. Arrange for Ping Locker, with whom we have partnered, to provide a storage and courier solution which will be at a cost to yourself or arrange your own storage

  4. Provide written instructions (email or letter) that you will not be collecting your belongings and we have permission to donate them to charity

Please tell the Accommodation Office at which option you are choosing, no later than Sunday 5 July 2020.  


Please do not leave anything in your rooms or kitchens and empty your bins before leaving your accommodation. All rubbish needs to be emptied into the external bins.

Sharp objects will have a separate bin in which you can dispose of. Please do not place any sharp objects in the bins outside your accommodation and don't donate any sharp objects to charity. You can deposit these in the labeled bins at The Edge and The Ridge.

If you don’t remove your bike from the bike storage within 28 days of your contract end date, your cycle will be donated to charity.

Please report any outstanding maintenance requests before leaving.

Deposits and inventories

Deposits will be returned within 28 days of departure following the inspection for damage.

Please contact the accommodation office with any questions -

Circuit Laundry card

There’s some information we’d like to remind you of about your Circuit laundry card

• If you have more than £5 left on your card and would like a refund, visit the Circuit website at

• You will be charged a £3 admin fee by Circuit, which will be deducted from the refund.

• To avoid being charged the admin fee, we suggest you start using up your credit now. Why not swap credit with your friends who have run out?

Find out more at

What if I can’t travel home yet due to coronavirus?

Summer vacation accommodation is available, please see our website for more information or contact the accommodation office for more information.

We hope you rebook for next year if you haven't already sorted your accommodation. We can happily support you with this. Please contact the Accommodation Office for accommodation for your placement or for a full 42 week contract. 


For any general enquiries, please contact the Customer Services team:

For any St Vincents’ residents, please contact:

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