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Things to do in Sheffield

Morris Dancing - Give it a Go

By BzBarlow 15 Sep 2021

Rapper: 6pm

We dance rapper with double handled bendy swords! This style of dance is characterised by its rhythmic and noisy stepping patterns and tight-knit formations.

Hard-soled shoes will make learning rapper easier, but come in whatever footwear you can move comfortably in.

Cotswold Morris: 7pm

This type of Morris dancing is done with hankies and excessive jumping! There is a lot of variation in this style of dance, so you will just have to come and see for yourself!

Trainers or other comfy footwear are ideal for this style of dance.

Border Morris: 8pm (21 Sept Only)

This style of Morris dancing will tick all of your boxes if what you want to do is hit things with sticks and stamp a lot. 

North West Morris: 8pm (28 Sept Only)

North West dancers typically wear leather clogs with bells and dance in a very stompy and often more regimented style. We dance Northwest with ribboned sticks and without clogs.

Trainers or other comfortable footwear you can move around in are ideal for learning this style

Trainers or other comfy footwear are ideal for this style of dance.

Residence Life price: £1 (plus booking fee) for all sessions. Come to one, two or all three sessions. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Get tickets for 21 September here.

Get tickets for 28 September here.

All sessions 6-9pm in High Tor 5, The Edge

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