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Missing home? Don’t worry!

The following is a post written by one of our Student Bloggers, Sophie.

Ahhh, homesickness, probably the worst thing about university. The way I see it (in an attempt to sound kind of intelligent) is that it is like the common cold: everyone will get it, it will be really bad for some and not too bad for others and it will take a varying amount of time to go, but it will go.

Anyway, if you are missing your home or your pets or friends from school, here are some things that have helped me from wallowing in my room wishing I had my cat on my lap!

1. Get out of your flat!

Why not ask if a few of your flatmates fancy doing something on a lazy Sunday afternoon? On my first weekend, a few of my flatmates and I wandered round the beautiful Botanical Gardens, which are only a five minute walk from Endcliffe accommodation. Other fun day trips could be a walk in the Peak District, a visit to Mayfield Alpacas Animal Park or an organised trip with the University to cities across the UK, such as a day trip to Oxford coming up in November ( You can also never go wrong with a trip into town to have a look around the shops.


2. Do some exercise

Don’t roll your eyes just yet- I know better than anyone the feeling of dread when someone brings up exercise but I do really think that it is the case that exercise not only keeps you busy (and less likely to sit wondering what’s going on back home) but also gives you the chance to meet others and feel really good about yourself afterwards! With Residence Life, we get a load of free (!!) exercise classes; my personal faves are Zumba and spin class. You can book free Residence Life sport and fitness classes at

3. Volunteer!

Being a student at Sheffield means we have so many amazing opportunities to volunteer and help the community. It’s a win win situation, helping others while keeping busy yourself and distracting you from missing home. There are plenty of Give it a Go Volunteering opportunities with the Students' Union and I’ve met some wonderful people through volunteering weekly at a Sunday support centre for the homeless. Just pop into the Sheffield Volunteering office at the Activities Zone in the Students' Union to find an opportunity that is suited to you.

4. Treat yourself

I believe it is a MUST to have a box full of treats in your room. Packets of hot chocolate, a big bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and some yummy biscuits will be sure to make you feel better if you are missing home. So put your mum on Facetime, open up that dairy milk and I bet you’ll feel tonnes better!

5. And finally - don’t be afraid to talk about it!

There’s nothing embarrassing or shameful about missing your home. It is perfectly normal and most students will experience feelings of homesickness during the year. Try and mention to someone that you’re feeling homesick - chances are they are feeling the same or will be happy to try and help you feel better. Whether it be a flatmate, course friend or your Residence Mentor, don’t be afraid to tell someone about how you are feeling. Nightline is also a great system if you want to chat through how you are feeling anonymously. Nightline’s number is: 0114 22 (28787)
So there you go - 5 things that have helped me fully emerge into uni life instead of sitting around thinking about my home! I hope these are helpful and, remember, don’t be embarrassed about missing home!

Sophie 😊

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