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Mental Health Awareness

The start of the academic year is an exciting time for many students starting at the University of Sheffield. Living independently, moving to a new city and interacting with a diverse group of students from all over the world is an exciting yet challenging time.

The transition to University life can also be a very testing time for people’s mental wellbeing. The new social, academic and financial pressures are even more testing when students have often left behind their established support systems. No wonder then that the University of Sheffield (like other UK HE Institutions) is responding to a dramatic increase in mental ill-health disclosures.

The University of Sheffield has responded by establishing a first point of contact service for students to explore a broad range of mental health support needs in a single triage appointment. Through a triage appointment, students can access a wide number of options that will be recommended individually to support your mental wellbeing. Find out more here:

Residence Life have also responded by training all Residence Life staff in Mental Health First Aid. This course develops an individual’s skills in order to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis. Residence Mentors have also been trained in Mental Health Awareness and have a vast knowledge of support services to signpost students quickly and effectively. Accommodation and Commercial Services are continuing to train all front line staff to be confident in identifying and responding to concerns over a student’s mental health. They are also working with partners in the Students’ Union to ‘Prioritise Our Mental Health’ and help enhance the student residential experience for everyone:

If you think that or your friend might be struggling with your mental health, email for information and support or you can contact a member of the Residence Mentor team. 

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