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Meet the Residence Life Team

The Residence Life Team would like to welcome you to your new home, you home away from home! 

Residence Life has two parts;  Support & Conduct and Engagement & Development, both teams are here to help you with every aspect of your residential experience.

We have included useful contact details and a brief ‘hello’ from the E&D Team. If you need anything, just look for the appropriate contact and you can either call or email us.

Engagement & Development (E&D) Team

Emma Kenny-Levick, Residence Life Coordinator (Engagement & Development) 0114 222 8860

Hi, I'm Emma. I run the Living and Learning Programme.  University is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn but it’s not all about what you’re going to learn in the Lecture Hall, it about learning to live away from home and with others.  My programme gives you the opportunity to learn the softer skills, which I think are just as important as your academic learning in helping you develop as an adult;  creativity, problem solving, communication, leadership, self-motivation, teamwork to name but a few.  Activities include cooking, music lessons, entrepreneurial skills, money management,  study skills, crafts, well-being, sustainability, awareness campaigns and a global themed events programme.

If you want to know anything else about what I do or if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. I also work very closely with the Residence Life Mentors and Activity Reps to create smaller activities, so if you have any ideas of what you might like them to plan then let us know. Have a great year!

Sophie Strong, Residence Life Coordinator (Engagement & Development) 0114 222 8851

Hi, I’m Sophie and I’m responsible for the Residence Life programme of Events & Activities! 
I’ll be putting on various events throughout the year to help you make the most of your time at university. It’s my aim to create a programme where there’s something for everyone wherever your new home is so that you can settle in, meet new people and, most of all, enjoy yourselves! 
I’m passionate about Sheffield and the local area because it has so much to offer to students in terms of the great shops, green spaces, restaurants and social places to visit. I hope that by working with local brands and people the programme will encourage you to get out there and explore this amazing city!
Feel free to drop me an email if you want to know more or get in touch and I’ll hopefully be seeing you at events and activities around the residences soon!

Belinda Hall (Bel), Events Coordinator (Give it a Go)  0114 222 8524

Hi, I'm Bel. I am the Events Coordinator in the Students' Union who organises and runs the Give it a Go programme. Give it a Go is full of one-off, taster sessions run by our Clubs, Societies and members of the University and the Sheffield community. At weekends there are two day trips to various, wonderful locations around the country. I work in partnership with Residence Life to ensure that some of the activities in Give it a Go are run in the Residences (such as Language courses, Dance Classes, Sports, Crafts and much more). On some of the day trips you will find a coach leaving from Oakholme Road too. As part of your Membership to Residence Life, you get exclusive discounts with Give it a Go so it really is something to get involved with while at University.

Kristie Barclay, Residence Life Coordinator (Sport & Wellbeing)  0114 222 6967

Hello, I'm Kristie and I am your Coordinator for Sport & Wellbeing. My job is to run the Sports Programme and make sure that you make the most out of your year living in the residences!  There are so many things for you to get involved with, and most of them are free of charge!  From netball and hockey at our award winning synthetic pitches to fitness classes and Yoga sessions within the residences. We even have our own adventures in the Peak District, with bouldering, walking and cycling, giving you an opportunity to fall in love with this beautiful area. This will be a really amazing year, hopefully filled with trying new sports and activities, having fun and making lots of friends in the process.

Support & Conduct (S&C) Team

Residence Life Coordinators (Support & Conduct) - all Coordinators can be contacted at or through the Residence Life Administrator on 0114 222 5295

Nicola Daniel, Residence Life Coordinator (Support & Conduct)

Annabel Korki, Residence Life Coordinator (Support & Conduct)

Lucy Bloom, Residence Life Coordinator (Support & Conduct)

These people look after Endcliffe:

  • Cratcliffe
  • Stephenson A-G & S
  • Stephenson South Wing
  • Carrysbrook
  • Birchen
  • Crewe
  • Rivelin
  • Oakholme Road Houses
  • Endcliffe Crescent Flats
  • Derwent
  • Howden
  • Endcliffe Crescent Villas
  • Lawrencefield
  • Endcliffe Crescent Houses
  • Endcliffe Vale Flats
  • Froggatt
  • Yarncliffe
  • Burbage
  • Curbar
  • Endcliffe Avenue Houses

Matt Sutcliffe, Residence Life Coordinator (Support & Conduct)
This person looks after the following residences in City:

  • Allen Court
  • St Vincent's
  • Broad Lane Court
  • St George's Flats
  • Mappin Court
  • Glossop Road
  • Studio 300

Tori Cliffe, Residence Life Coordinator (Support & Conduct)

This person looks after the following residences in Ranmoor:

  • Kinder
  • Laddow
  • Ramshaw
  • Ravenstones
  • Wimberry
  • Windgather
  • Shore Court

Other useful contacts:

Sport Sheffield or 0114 222 6999

Students' Union - Activities Zone or 0114 222 8620

Students' Union - Box Office or 0114 222 8777

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