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Making friends at Uni: The Sheffield Way

Coming to university is a life changing experience and, especially if you’re from a different country, it means the whole world around you would be different than the way you’re familiar with. For some people, it’s really easy to integrate and mix with others while, for some, it isn’t. Yes, I’m talking to all the introverts out there! It can sometimes be hard to socialise at university, especially if you’re shy and not that good at initiating conversations but don’t worry, here are some of the ways you can have a great social life and meet new people:

1. Join a society-
            The University has over 300 societies and committees. You can easily join any one that piques your interest or something that you’ve always wanted to try and find like-minded people too. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends. Societies have socials and meetings which gives you good chance to interact with other people. I have joined 3 societies so far and I’ve met some of the most amazing people there. I have provided the link to the societies page. Hurry up and search through what interests you the most.

2. Go to the Global Campus events-
          It’s such a great initiative from the University’s side to really help international people to settle well and feel comfortable. Global Campus conducts a range of events especially for international students and it really helps you to open up more to other people. They have Global conversation every Monday where you’d not only be able to meet new people but also improve your English-speaking skills by talking to native speakers. They have Global Café every Thursday where the ambassadors conduct some ice breakers and also have free tea and coffee! Check out their page for more details on the events, time and location.


3. Give it a Go Trips-
            I think traveling and discovering a new place together really brings people closer. I’ve met so many new people by going to two of the GIAG Trips conducted by the University. I never knew discovering a new city with people I’ve just met would be this enjoyable. You’d be surprised to see how quickly you would be able to mix with people. For more updates on these trips, keep an eye on this page.


4. Go to the common rooms-
            This is mostly applicable if you’re staying in one of the University accommodations but even if you aren’t, you can still go to any of the common rooms. I think this is a great way to just relax and have an encounter with different people. Just go to the pool or the tennis table and share a game with someone. For people staying in Endcliffe, The Edge Bar is a great place to hang out. Common rooms are an appreciable way to make new friends.


So, these are just some of the ways I found useful in making friends at University. Don’t worry if haven’t made great friends yet because you have a lot of time to do that. Cheers!

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