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'Make your own Cosmetics' Activity Blog

The following blog was written by our Residence Life Mentor Rosie:

While living in the residences, Residence Life put on a series of free events and activities which are for all residents to enjoy, meet new people and have fun! Last week I attended a “Making your own cosmetics” event. The event was a collaboration with The Soap Loaf company, a Sheffield company who specialise in making hand-made natural products. They also bought along some snacks, it only gets better!

We had the opportunity to make our own body scrub, moisturiser and lip balms! With a wide range of fragrance oils; there was a smell for everyone. It’s not Christmas but I opted for a Yuletide scent; yes I am one of those people who listen to Christmas songs all year round.

The hands-on experience was a great way of talking to new people, bonding over how much glitter to add in to your moisturiser, or what colour, if any, to add to your lip balm. By tailoring our body scrubs and moisturisers, unlike buying some from the high-street, you really could cater to your skin type. Whether that was dry skin, oily skin or combination. The event also gave us the chance to get to know local companies and what’s on in the local area which you may not hear about otherwise.

 There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the final product, especially if you’ve made it yourself. And in my case, if there’s glitter in them.

The Residence Life events are a great way of making new friends or bonding with current ones. I fully recommend going and trying something out, even if you’re on your own, other people are to and what better way to meet people with a similar interest. Once you go on one event, I guarantee you’ll want to go on more! 


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