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‘London in a Day’ Adventure Part 3

Everything Left

             Welcome to the third and last part of my ‘London in a Day’ Adventure!

             In the previous two weeks, you read about ‘The First Few Landmarks’ my mum and I visited during our 12 hour stay in London this January - PEGGY PORSHEN cakes, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, Wellington Arch and Hard Rock Café - and then about our experience in Madame Tussauds. If you haven’t, however, you could check them here and here.

             Today it is time to conclude our trip with the visit of a few more landmarks in London, or, as I have decided to name it - ‘Everything Left’ after Madame Tussauds.


            When we got out of the museum, it was already dark outside. We tried to walk around fast but we were so tired and our shoulders and legs would hurt with every movement. Almost the whole enthusiasm we had in the beginning left us some time during our rather long walk from Madame Tussauds to Trafalgar Square. It may have been around when we passed by Oxford Street, where the crowd was so huge that it would have been a lot easier to forget about our next target location and follow it. But, eventually, we reached Trafalgar Square:


             It was unfortunate that we had our ‘London in a Day’ Adventure during the winter. The weather was pleasant but it was already dark at 6pm, which ruined some of the photos we took. However, there was something even more unfortunate, especially for my mother, who really wanted to see one certain landmark in London - Big Ben - which was of course under reconstruction! So, the amazing photo people usually take in front of Big Ben, for mum turned into this:


           But the view from the Westminster Bridge towards the London Eye compensated for all our misfortunes that day:


            Remember how I complained about the dark ruining the photos a while ago? Well, if it was not for the dark, we wouldn’t be able to see London Eye glowing in red either, which was a first-time experience for me as well.

            Our last but one destination was:


           I had left it for so late as it was the furthest one from all other landmarks we wanted to visit. This way, if we had ran out of time, we wouldn’t have lost three hours to visit only a single landmark. Thinking back today, going there on foot was an extremely bad idea. But we had a few hours before the bus to Sheffield and we didn’t was to stay and wait at Victoria Coach Station. So, we set on our journey to Tower Bridge to see this magnificent view:


          There was one last place we wanted to visit - Dark Sugars chocolate shop. I have seen a video made there by Insider, a vlog for unique food and the places where it is served, and I really wanted to go there to have one of their special hot chocolates. However, this would have meant one more hour of walking, which our bodies simply wouldn’t have been able to survive.
          Therefore, from Tower Bridge, we decided to go back to Victoria Coach Station. On foot, it should have been an hour and a half, according to Google Maps. But we probably wouldn’t have managed it even for two. So we had our journey back on one of those red double-deckers which mum so much likes.
           In the end, our ‘London in a Day’ Adventure was not as perfect as I had planned it to be. In fact, it was more like the opposite. But we were completely satisfied with it. Positive or negative, the day was full of emotions and I wouldn’t exchange it for any other.

           Thank you for being a part of the ‘London in a Day’ Adventure as well!


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