LGBT+ Accommodation: Everything you need to know!

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When applying for university accommodation, you will have the option to select 'LGBT+ accommodation', these are flats that are reserved for those who identify as LGBT+ and wish to live with others who identify similarly. 

We believe it is extremely important to offer students a choice of accommodation and that includes living in LGBT+ only accommodation if students feel this will benefit their University experience. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected in their own homes. We aim to ensure that this is the case for all students regardless of the accommodation they choose and University Accommodation is a safe and inclusive place for everyone. This option is available however if you think that living with other LGBT+ people would be a positive option for you, previous feedback suggests that for some students it is helpful to be living with other people who may have shared life experiences. 

For more information on LGBT+ accommodation please contact the accommodation office on or by phone 0114 222 4488 (option 2). If you would like to find out more about the social opportunities and support services available for LGBT+ students at The University of Sheffield, please visit the Sheffield Students’ Union pages which are available to everyone who wants to know more about LGBT+ support, events and groups when studying at The University of Sheffield. Follow this link to learn more Also, the Sheffield Students’ Union LGBT+ Committee pages offer a source of support and guidance offered by other LGBT+ students and can be found at

Is the LGBT+ accommodation available for LGBT allies?

No, it is intended that this accommodation is exclusively for those who identify as LGBT+. This accommodation is intended to offer a place of peer support where residents can use their shared experiences to help harbour an inclusive and positive space. In a similar way to the SU’s LGBT+ lounge it is intended to be a space for all LGBT+ students. 

What does LGBT+ mean? 

The University of Sheffield Students’ Union’s definition of LGBT+ includes, but is not limited to, students who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Intersex. This accommodation is a collaborative project and so the same definition is used in regards to this accommodation. Find out more here: 

Is there single gender LGBT+ accommodation?

The LGBT+ accommodation provision is open to people of all genders. You can select this option regardless of your gender identity and expect to live with other students of other gender identities. If you wish to live in single gender accommodation then please select this option rather than LGBT+.

Can I change my gender and chosen name after I have registered?

Your student record is a legal record which will record your legal name and details, however you can populate the chosen name field on your accommodation account if you wish in order to ensure ACS and Residence Life staff address you correctly. Please also feel free to make all staff aware of your pronouns when communicating with them.  For support regarding transitioning when at University please contact and consider contacting the SU LGBT+ committee which includes the Trans Welfare Officer. 

Useful Links:

Support services for LGBT+ students:

Social media:

These pages are updated more regularly than the website. Both pages have the same information but the closed group is completely private so nobody else on your Facebook can see that you interact with it.

Facebook page:
Facebook closed group: (If the link doesn't work search 'LGBT+ at Uni of Sheff' where you can request to join)

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