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Accommodation Info

Kit Lawrence, Student Conduct Officer

By GPevy 16 Dec 2020

Hello, and welcome to life in University residences! Whether you’re an undergraduate student or a postgraduate researcher, living in accommodation comes with some unique opportunities, and my colleagues in Engagement and Development are here to make sure you can make the most of your time with us.

Life in residences can also have its challenges, and my work as a Student Conduct Officer focuses on the discipline and conduct side of things. What we consider ‘misconduct’ in University accommodation can include any kind of behaviour that might be antisocial or dangerous, either to the residence itself, to you, or to the people around you. My work involves looking into these issues, investigating reports, meeting with students, and imposing penalties where we determine misconduct has taken place. The work we do helps to make life in our accommodation better for everyone, so please do call on Security and your Residence Life Mentors to report any issues you experience in accommodation.



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