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Just a few things to consider before you sign an accommodation contract for next year.

Whatever you do - don’t rush into making a decision as there are plenty of housing options across Sheffield so there is no need to panic.

We have an official Smart Move Housing Event taking place on Wednesday 14 November so come along and check out your accommodation options.

Get to know your flatmates properly before committing to a legally binding contract that you can’t get out of.

Things to consider:

Rent and payments

Private accommodation: Location plays a big part. Even though your rent may be cheaper the further out you are, you are likely to pay more in travel.

University accommodation: Rent is always based on the room type.


Private accommodation: Depending on your landlord you may be asked to pay before you receive your loan.

University accommodation: Your payment/s will always be after or in-line with your loan so no need to worry about money.

Student share:

Private accommodation: Available to all university students in Sheffield. This means that you have little control over who you live with if you don’t book in a group.

University accommodation: You have the option of group booking with friends and choosing a property together. Even if you book as an individual - you will definitely be with other University of Sheffield students.

Bills and Broadband:

Private accommodation: Gas and electricity is based on how much you use, so if one of your housemates is using more you will all still contribute the same amount, which could cause disputes in the group.

University accommodation: All bills and broadband are included in your rent. No need to worry about those additional extras that might pop up or splitting the bills fairly.


Private accommodation: Not all private landlords provide content insurance.

University accommodation: 24/7 security is provided on-site providing peace of mind plus all your contents are insured.

Customer service:

Private accommodation: There are usually set office hours, this means you may need to wait for the next working day to solve a query and often it takes a long time.

University accommodation: Offers 24/7 Customer Services and we are very prompt at fixing issues that go wrong across the residences. 

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