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Things to do in Sheffield

International Supermarkets in Sheffield

By epickersgill 19 Jul 2022

When moving to a new city it's important to the best local places for food! There are lots of great supermarkets that sell diverse items from different cuisines all over Sheffield so check out this list below for some of our recommendations;

  • Tai Sun Oriental, 17-19 Matilda Street, S1 4QB.
  • Ozmen International,178-184 London Road, S2 4LT.
  • Ozmen Extra, 55-57 John Street, S2 4QT
  • Ozmen Local, 59 Barber Road, S10 1EA
  • Rehman and Sons, 533 Abbeydale Road, S7 1FU.
  • The Moor Market, 77 The Moor, S1 4PF
  • Pars Polski, 54 Infirmary Road, S6 3DD

If you know any more international supermarkets that need to be added to this list please let us know via email -


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