Instructor Spotlight- Peggy Brooks

Peggy has been part of Residence Life for more years than we can remember! Her passion for exercise and healthy lifestyle is contagious and has touched hundreds of students over the years. We are lucky to have her on the team!

What do you teach at Residence Life and elsewhere? 

I teach Spin, Yoga, lbt/body conditioning at Sport Sheffield.

What is your favourite class to teach and why? 

 It is hard to pick a favourite because they are so different.  On the other hand, they share the fact that they work both body and the mind.

 Spinning is at the top of the list, even though you must work hard physically. You don’t have to think too hard whilst you are spinning, you just need to apply yourself! You feel a release of tension (both physically and mentally) and always feel better at the end. In Yoga, it is more about the link between mind and body and it can be more intense, but you can feel a real sense of peace during and afterwards. In Lbt (Legs, Bums and Tums) it is all about mind to muscle connection in order to get the best work out and strength gains and it can feel equally satisfying at the end. But most of all, I enjoy the reaction and interaction with students as they learn and gain fitness and reach their goals.

How long have you been an instructor/teacher?

 I have been a fitness instructor for over 25 years and have taught in many gyms in Sheffield as well as at Hallam University. I have taught many different classes including Aerobics, Step, Boxercise, Circuits, Dance and Pilates.

Why did you become a fitness instructor?

 I became an instructor because I love fitness and I really enjoy teaching and learning.

I am passionate about helping people to find and use exercise to not only keep them physically fit but to help with their mental health. However hard it is to put your trainers on, just get out the door, you will always feel better afterwards.

Do you still find time/energy to do other types of sport and exercise? 

 I have done and still do many other sports.  I frequently run and have completed The London Marathon in under 3 and half hours.  I also enter local races including Sheffield half marathon which I have done four times! I have been a climber since I was 15 and have climbed all over Europe and America. When I was young, I even competed in bouldering.  I also love to swim outdoors and wild swim whenever and wherever I go, in lakes, tarns, or anywhere I can find a good spot.  I recently also got into fell running and ran Edale skyline.

 What does exercise and healthy lifestyle mean to you?  

 Healthy exercise is very important to me, it helps me to think better, it releases stress, and makes me feel alive.

 One interesting fact about you  

 An interesting fact about me is that I used to sing in a Jazz band.

 Peggy currently teaches the following sessions for Residence Life Sport:

Yoga and Mindfulness- Monday, 6:30-7:30 pm at the Edge

Body Conditioning Fitness 7-7:45 pm, The Edge

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