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How to... use the Circuit Laundry washing machines

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How to... use the Circuit Laundry washing machines

We know that washing isn’t the first thing on your mind but at some point you are going to run out of clean clothes!

Our launderettes use a top-up card credit system so you can do your laundry quickly and easily without having to worry about having the right change.

  1. Register your card online at
  2. Purchase your unique top-up number  - minimum £5 to top-up your card
  3. Select your nearest launderette online
  4. Visit the launderette you selected with your laundry card and top-up number
  5. Follow the instructions on the top-up machine to add the credit to your card
  6. You can use multiple launderettes across  the residences

Use LaundryView to check which machines are available, look at remaining cycle times and report any problems.

Ranmoor/Endcliffe and City accommodation

Allen Court accommodation

For more information about topping up and registering your Laundry Card, or if you have any issues using LaundryView, contact Circuit:

Laundry Top-Up Card Helpline: 01422 820026

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