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How to save water!

Our water initiative project invites you to think about how you could be more water efficient by making small changes in your day to day life.

The average person in the UK uses approximately 150 litres of water a day, a figure that has continually risen since 1930 and one that you can help manage yourself.


Quick Tips!

  • Notice a drip? Report it to maintenance!
  • Dripping taps are a huge waste of water and are usually a quick fix.
  • Only boil what you need - don't overfill the kettle with water you won't use.
  • Added bonus, less water means it'll boil faster.

Fill up those washing machines
Before starting your washing machine, wait for a full load - you’ll be able to save energy and water.


Healthy teeth, healthy rivers
Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth - a running tap wastes over 6 litres per minute.


Short showers save water
Take shorter showers! The longer you spend getting squeaky clean, the more water is headed straight down the drain.


Chilled water
Fill a jug with tap water and leave it to cool in your fridge. This way you don’t have to run the tap for ages just to get a cold drink.


Sparkling asparagus
By washing your fruit and veg in a bowl rather than under a running tap, you could cut down on water waste effortlessly.

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