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How to: Park Run!

Why Park Run?

Running can be an intimidating concept and for many, myself included, lack the motivation for a solo run! However, Park Run is a great way to get involved whilst making it a social experience!

What is it?
Park Run is an organisation that arranges 5K community runs every Saturday morning across the globe. Anyone can turn up and most importantly it is completely FREE! The event is incredibly popular so you will never feel alone and fundamentally it is not a race - everyone there has different experience and new runners join every week.

Where is it?
We’re lucky to have a variety of Park Run locations in Sheffield. The nearest one for UoS students is the ‘Sheffield Hallam Park Run’ and if you’re in Endcliffe or Ranmoor it’s just around the corner!
Before you leave?

Before your first run there is the opportunity to register with the organisation. By doing this you will receive a barcode which you can print before the run. With this you will receive your time after the run (more on this later) to see how well you did! This is by no means compulsory and you can still just turn up and run without a barcode.

Register here

Before the run?
The Sheffield Hallam run begins at 9am but i’d suggest getting there earlier if it is your first time. On your way down I’d recommend a light job so that you’re warmed up. There is a talk at around 8:50am for newcomers which provides information about the run. Then after that it’s get behind the start line ready to go!

During the run?
The run is the scary bit, but do not worry! Sheffield Hallam Park Run attracts around 600-700 runners each week of varying ability so you will not be alone. There is plenty of encouragement and cheering all the way around and you don’t need to worry about the route because you just follow the crowd!
At the end of the run?

At the end of the run you will be directed into a queue where you will receive a second bar code. Once you have done this you will need to find a volunteer and hand over both your printed barcode from home and the one you just received. They will scan both barcodes and then later in the day you will receive the time of your run!

After the run?
Well done you completed Park Run! It’s only 10am on a Saturday morning and you’ve already run 5K and feel great. Go ahead and enjoy a big breakfast and the rest of your weekend!

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