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How to... Move in

By AccommodationTeam 07 Jul 2022

Here's our Top Tips for You moving into University Accommodation for the first time. We know it can be daunting the prospect of moving away from home for the first time, here are a few tips to ease your mind and help you get a little prepared for September.

We can't wait to welcome you!

 1: Pack essentials.

The urge to pack everything and anything is huge however it's best to pack essentials only as more than often you'll share things with your flatmates! You can always head to the local IKEA or Meadowhall if you forget anything. 

2: Try not to pack every item you own.

You’re only there for a year, you won’t need half of it and you don’t want your room to be cramped. Plus you want the journey to be enjoyable and however you're travelling to uni it will be uncomfortable if you've got 3 suitcases and 10 cardboard boxes to maneuver! 

 3: Familiarise yourself with Residence Life and societies.

This will give you a good idea of the activities going on at the University!

For Residence Life - and 

For information on Societies - 

 4: Plan a weekly budget.

It can get very tempting to spend all your money during freshers week! To make sure you spend a reasonable amount during freshers and still have money left for the rest of the month it's best to budget!

An easy way of budgeting is to use budgeting apps unless you are a pro at Excel then you can use Excel!

5: Decorate your room and make it your own.

This will be your space for a whole year so you want to put your mark on it, make it cosy and personal to you. Get some funky cushions and throws, put picture frames, ornaments and plants on your shelves, pin things up on your notice board and make it an enjoyable space to come back to after a day of studying. However, please don’t start drilling holes in the walls or sellotaping and blue taking posters and pictures on the walls. It is still a rented property and you don’t want to get fined for damage at the end of the year.

6: Do a little food shop when you get here.

Stock up your cupboards and fridge with food to get you through freshers week as you’ll regret living off takeaways and kebabs after nights out for a solid week. Remember to include your favourites as it’s nice to have some home comforts.

7: Getting to know your flatmates.

Probably one of the most daunting but at the same time one of the most exciting aspects of moving into University accommodation. Nobody knows each other but remember everyone else is in the same boat. You’ll be sharing a flat with 4 - 12 students, yeah it might be awkward at first but you’ll all get over it by the evening and once you’ve had your first night out. You're going to make so many new friends in Sheffield, the people you meet in halls are a very small fraction of the people you’ll meet at University! Think about your course mates, societies you might join, friends you make through sports, on freshers week and through Res Life. You’ll love life here at Sheffield and you're going to make some friends for life!

8:  Washing your clothes.

The key to making it as cheap and the least time consuming as possible is to wash big loads at one time, rather than lots of half-loads. Sort your washing into colours before you set off so you aren't stressing when you get there. We have an article here about how to operate the laundry rooms. 

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