How To Make the Most of Your Last Few Weeks At Uni

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I've just finished my first year uni exams and I'm now feeling very relaxed! I already knew that I wouldn’t go home straight away after exams - what would be the point when uni is still there to be enjoyed? In today’s post I’m sharing with you some ways for how you can really make the most of the last few weeks of uni, so whether you’re leaving straight after your exams or hanging around for a bit longer, I hope you find this useful!

  • Write a list of all the things you want to do...and do them! Push yourself out your comfort zone! For example, if you’ve been wanting to try rock climbing all year but nobody wants to go with you, just go by yourself! This applies to other social events too - have the rule that if you want to go to it, you go to it, and don’t worry if this is on your own. Think about it, you don’t want to regret having missed out on something you really wanted to try just because nobody else was with you. Think about which places you want to go to or things you want to do - and go do them. Personally, I have written such a list for myself, and some of the things on it for me include; walking to Crookes to explore the area I’m living in next year (and possibly time how long the walk from there to uni will be!), going to the big Waterstones in town for one last cheeky look, perhaps going for a walk in the Peaks, and visiting all my favourite cafes for one more time this year!

  • Do things differently to how you’ve done them all year: Supposing most of your flatmates have gone straight home after exams, and there’s just a few of you left. It might feel weird at first, but the likelihood is you’ll very quickly get used to it and may even enjoy the quiet! Why not cook together? Make the most of all the people who are still around, and meet up and be sociable with them.

  • As mentioned above, I think you should push yourself to do all the things you want to do. But how about those things you’ve been putting off for weeks or months because of work or revision? For me, something that falls into this category is sorting out my room before I go home. Perhaps you have, like me, got things on your shelves such as books or paperwork that have just been sat gathering dust all year. This doesn’t have to be a chore though, simply put on some music or a podcast and work your way through sorting it all out during a rainy afternoon.

  • Learn something new: Just because the academic part of uni has officially ended does not mean you have to stop learning! There are so many ways you can do this, you could start learning a language in your newly acquired free time, go along to a fitness class in something you haven’t tried before, or read some books on topics you have an interest in.

  • Party! - exams being over is reason for celebration and just because some of your flatmates or coursemates have gone home, does not mean the partying has to stop! Even if for you this doesn’t mean having an actual flat party or going clubbing, meeting up with a few friends to go out for dinner or some other group event is still a form of celebrating. Remember, late nights won’t matter for you anymore as you don’t have any deadlines for coursework left - that in itself is cause to celebrate in my book.

  • Get ahead: If you have anything you need to do over summer, such as apply for a job or course, or want to start driving lessons, use this free time you have now to make a start on this. Personally, I want to spend some time polishing up my CV then printing off lots of copies at the IC, all ready to go for when I go home and am applying for jobs.

I hope this has given you some ideas for what to do with your new found freedom! Or, if you still have exams and revision, that it has got you excited for all the things you can do when you finish. Sheffield really is still there to be enjoyed - make the most of it.


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