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How to make the most of the cultural diversity at uni

It has been a month since uni started and thousands of people from all over the world now call Sheffield their home. But have you thought about being familiar with so many cultures? No? Then keep on reading!

It may sound a bit crazy but every single room at the University accommodation is a little world where the spirit of a country lives! Think about your room. I am more than sure you all have brought a little souvenir or photo to make you feel like home! And this is absolutely adorable and inspiring!

There is nothing better than being curious about the world…it is as normal as breathing! And it is so much fun to discover different cultures through people and their warm memories!

Having international friends is priceless and, trust me, they will be always there for you when you need them! You can see me and my lovely flatmates in the picture above - so much cultural diversity in one photo!

  1. Organise a cultural night in your accommodation. Take the lead, be brave and people will LOVE it! Sit around the table, chat merrily and let the world open up in front of you! Ask your flatmates about popular activities and music in their country. Talk about whatever you want - it is a nice way to get closer and forge even stronger friendships!
  2. We all love food, don’t we? Find some time and impress the others by preparing something traditional for your country. Once a month, gather altogether and make your moms extremely proud of your culinary skills.
  3. Singing in a completely unknown language, why not? Call it an International Karaoke Night and you will see the magic of so many languages coming to life in front of you! It might be completely new to you but don’t be afraid to make a mistake, we don’t seek perfect pronunciation here?!?!?!?
  4. Learn one or two basic phrases of your neighbour’s mother tongue! Hello, Hola, こんにちは or Здравей will enrich your knowledge and make the others feel significant as well!
  5. And don’t forget that Residence Life supports cultural diversity as much as we all do! So many events are regularly being organised and you and your international friends are more than welcome to spend some time together with other people from near and far! You can find your favourites on

Hopefully, your cultural familiarisation has already begun and my ideas will only help you to feel confident and brave enough to continue sharing the world with others!

And bear in mind that through finding new horizons, you help others as well! There is nothing better than knowing that somebody cares for who you are and where you come from.

People love talking about the place where they grew up. They fly back to there and recall so many things! So don’t be surprised if you notice a wide smile spreading all over their face!

I really enjoyed making this list for you all and I hope that you give these ideas a go - it’s so much fun!!! 


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