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How to get used to online learning - a blog by Harald Tang

By ReslifeEmma 21 Oct 2020

This year is certainly a different year to most with the switch to online learning. This is a new approach for all of us, and some of us may be finding it difficult to adapt to this different learning environment. In this blog, I am going to share with you some ways that may help you achieve the best from your online studies. 

Be well-organized…

It is easy to get lazy when you no longer attend lectures at an assigned time. You may think that everything is recorded so there is no point in being there when the lecture is happening.

This approach might lead you to miss out some important parts from the lecture and it could potentially impact on your learning. 

To avoid being unorganized, it is vital to put your study on your top priority; it is always recommended to make a list of what you should complete for the day and then put them into a timetable. Make sure you attend all your lectures and tutorial classes so that you don’t miss out on any discussion points or questions.

Ask if you need help

I understand it is difficult for us to ask questions given that we can’t meet our lecturers in person. Yet, there are still a lot of ways for us to ask for help. For instance, you could send an email to your lecturers, email your course-mates or form a discussion board or group chat.

Look for services 

It is always important to seek help when you have difficulties. It is understandable that some students might feel stressful or lonely under these circumstances.  Nonetheless, there are a lot of university services available to assist with academic skills and mental health issues such as 301 Skills Centre, SAMHS. If you have any problems, please approach these services.  

Be positive

Finally, learn to be positive with everything. The University has resumed in-person teaching but we don’t know if this will be suspended again so it is important to keep ourselves in a positive way of mind. Try out something new to make life more interesting and cheer yourselves up, you could try baking, reading a story before bed, doing yoga. You could also be motivated by getting rid of bad habits, decorating your room and organizing your study plan. Given the pandemic, The University is doing it’s best to maintain  good quality teaching online and we must try our best in these challenging times.

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