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How to decorate your uni room

Let’s be honest – the common decorating features of most rooms in halls (including mine!) are scattered piles of lecture notes, half-drunk cups of coffee and mountains of clothes we haven’t quite got around to washing. If this sounds familiar, and you’d like some tips on how to improve the situation, then this is the blog post for you…
1. Make the most of your pin board
We all want to get our deposits back and the best way to avoid damaging your walls is to stick everything onto your pin board instead! All you need are some push pins (which are readily and cheaply available from anywhere that sells stationery) and some things to pin up. Mine is a mixture – cards from friends and ex-colleagues, photographs of my family and tickets and leaflets from things I’ve done in Sheffield. It’s also a great place to pin a list of all of your deadlines – sounds a bit boring but it’s very handy for when you need to scare yourself into doing some work!


2. Bring nature into your room
I live in City accommodation, which is really modern and nice, but it’s not terribly green. Therefore, in my room, I have two cacti (one real and one knitted), one succulent (real) and one vase of carnations (artificial). If you have a terrible memory for watering plants like I do, cacti and succulents are excellent options because they are very forgiving. I also personally really like the way they look! If you really don’t think you’ll remember, then I would recommend getting hold of some nice artificial flowers. I have carnations because they remind me of my Grandad, who passed away in January. However, even if they didn’t have a sentimental meaning, they would still look really colourful on my windowsill and would brighten up my room.

3. Get a reed diffuser
Decorating a room is a multi-sensory experience. Reed diffusers are a great option to make your room smell amazing and really impress your guests when they walk in. Best of all, unlike candles or incense, they’re not a fire hazard! They come in a huge range of scents, so there’s sure to be something you’ll like – personally, I’m all about the vanilla scents. You can pick one up for as little as £1 in some high street shops or, if you’re a bit strapped for cash at the moment, you can add one to your Christmas list!


4. Brighten up your bedding
Another good one for the Christmas list – Sheffield winters are COLD, so it’s not a bad idea to invest in some good bed linen and blankets. Plus, your bed is usually quite a big, eye-catching feature of your room, so putting a brightly coloured duvet on is sure to make the whole room feel a little cosier. If your budget can stretch to it, I would recommend getting a warm fleecy blanket – they’re perfect for snuggling under when watching TV or reading. I even use mine as a picnic blanket in the summer!

Last but not least – a little tidying really does go a long way. I know it’s boring but I personally feel much more productive if my bed is made and my desk is neat. I feel that it’s much easier to sit down and start to work if I have a clean and organised place to do it in. I would recommend doing a quick five minute room tidy before you go to bed – for me, it really does make waking up and starting work in the morning a lot more pleasant.


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