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How to book Residence Life Sports and Activities

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As Our Residence Sport Programme is really popular, you need to book your free space before every session. Please note that if you don't book on, you may not be able to participate.

Here is how to book:

There are two ways to book on. You can either book via or go directly to the link listed below.

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Online Bookings: It will give you an option to select online bookings or online membership. Select online bookings.
  3. Log into MUSE: If you are already logged in, it will automatically take you through the booking page. If not, please log in.
  4. Select 'Residence Sport': In order to access free activities, please click on 'Residence Sport'.
  5. Pick Activity: You will see the sports and activities that are available to book for this week. The bookings open four  days in advance prior each activity to make sure that everyone gets a chance to book each week.
  6. Click 'Book Activity': If activity is not found, it is because the booking for the activity is not yet open or alternatively it is fully booked.

Please note: it is important that if you book, you honour your place and attend. You can cancel your booking online or at Goodwin Reception.  

You can only book one slot per session to ensure that all students get the opportunity to attend free sport. If you book multiple slots of the same session, one of your bookings may be deleted. (For Example - swimming has two sessions 6-7pm , 7-8 pm) . You can book multiple activities on the same day as long as they are not part of the same session.  

If you are part of the Families Programme through Residence Life, please note that all members participating must book to ensure there are enough spaces within the session.  Some sports/activities are not suitable for children, so please contact Sport Sheffield or Dom (information below) to confirm before booking.

Please make sure that you bring your Residence Life card to all of the activities.

Please note that this is a new booking system. If you have any issues with booking please contact 0114 222 6996 or email

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Dom, your Residence Life Coordinator (Sport & Wellbeing) on

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