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Hathersage Day Trip and Climbing in the Peak District

When I initially arrived in Sheffield as an international student from Canada, the first thing that surprised me was the vastness and magnitude of the Peak District. My parents and I drove from Manchester Airport through the winding roads of the Peak District to get to Sheffield. I was really pleasantly surprised and grateful to have this gorgeous national park right outside of Sheffield!

Obviously, after merely three weeks in Sheffield, I couldn’t resist hopping on a train and exploring the Peaks! On my first trip, my friends and I visited the small village of Hathersage (not Heather Sage, which is what I thought it was called). The train from Sheffield station was cheap and a quick 20 minute ride. The weather was bright and sunny so we sought a café with good outdoor seating for lunch. We found a lovely place called the Coleman’s Deli. Our vegetarian sandwiches and lattes were perfect! After lunch, we hiked up to the Church of St Michael's and All Angels and met some adorable cows on the way. The longstanding 14th century church was small and quiet but beautifully restored with a lovely view of Hathersage. To our surprise, the churchyard was home to Little John’s grave! 


Later that afternoon, we had booked a climbing excursion at Stanage Edge, one of England’s famous climbing areas. Our guide picked us up in Hathersage and drove us to the climbing area. The gigantic rock formation stands over 50ft tall in some areas and is an absolute heaven for climbers! With the help from our guide, we climbed up several spots along the edge. My friends and I were all beginner climbers and found that the climbs were quite challenging though not impossible and very fun!


All in all, I recommend to any student looking for a breath of fresh air and a good break to visit the Peak District. Whether to simply hike and enjoy the view or try something a little more exciting like climbing, it’s definitely a worth while experience. The Peak District’s treeless range of rolling hills is a sight that never ceases to surprise me and definitely up to par with Canada’s great wilderness.
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