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Green Spaces in Sheffield

Now that summer is nearly here (or at least I hope it is…), I’m wanting to spend more time in nature. Relaxing in the sunshine is a great break from endless deadlines and has benefits for both your mood and your health. Even a short walk outside can be really beneficial! If you’d also like to spend more time outdoors in nature, then this guide to Sheffield’s best green places is for you.

  • Weston Park and Crookes Valley Park: Weston Park is probably the most familiar green space in Sheffield for students at this university. Its convenient location right next to campus makes it a popular choice for walks, picnics, ball games and barbecues. Whilst you're there, I'd definitely recommend popping into the Museum, which is totally free and has some really interesting exhibits about the history of Sheffield. Right next door to Weston Park is Crookes Valley Park, which is also a lovely place to hang out. It has lots of really beautiful cherry blossom trees and overall has a very peaceful vibe (unless you sit right next to the children's playground, of course!).
  • Endcliffe Park: I first discovered this park when I joined the Social Running club on a Wednesday afternoon, as this is where the running action takes place. It’s easily accessible from the Endcliffe Campus, making it a good place to go for a walk if you need a break from exam revision. It’s also popular with local dog owners, so if you’re in need of a puppy fix, it’s a great spot! Alternatively, if you’re into fitness, it’s the location of a 5K Park Run every Saturday morning.
  • Botanical Gardens: I’m a big fan of botanical gardens – my fiancé and I have visited them together in England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands and I love them all. The Gardens here in Sheffield are no exception: they are absolutely beautiful. My favourite part is the Rose Garden, which both looks and smells amazing. I also really enjoy interacting with the many grey squirrels who have made the Gardens their home. Additionally, the Botanical Gardens has its own tea room and restaurant, which makes it a great place to bring parents when they visit.
  • Peace Gardens: being so centrally located – next to the Town Hall – the Peace Gardens are a popular spot for local workers on their lunch breaks, and it’s easy to see why. There’s plenty of seating, on benches and on the grass; the flowers are beautiful; and it’s close to lots of cafés and restaurants, so you can buy food and eat it in the Gardens. A week or two ago, I did exactly that with some friends. It was really nice to sprawl out on the grass and have a picnic in the sunshine. I would highly recommend having your own lunchtime picnic here when the weather is good!
  • Winter Garden: this might seem like an odd choice for the summer, seeing as though it’s called the Winter Garden, but as it’s my favourite place in the whole of Sheffield, I couldn’t leave it out! Also, anyone who has lived in the UK for any length of time will tell you that British summers are frequently quite disappointing – they can be cold, grey, and rainy. The Winter Garden is therefore a perfect choice for those days: it’s beautiful and has many great plants, but it also has a roof, so there’s no need to worry about getting cold or wet.

Last, just remember that being out in the sun for too long can be dangerous, so stay hydrated, and remember to put on suncream! Also, if you’re planning to have a barbecue, make sure to check the rules of wherever it is that you’d like to set it up - not everyone is a fan of outdoor cooking.

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