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Give it a Go and Residence Life

Welcome to Sheffield University, your new home! If you haven't done so already, don't forget to check our your Residence Life intro special programme. On page two you will find your Residence Life key fob, which is very important so keep it safe! This fob gets you into exclusive events and activities at the Residences, and you will also need to show it when buying tickets for Residence Sport, some Social Sport activities and also to get discounts off of Give it a Go.


In your key collection pack you will also find your Intro Give it a Go programme! This is just a taster of what is on offer with Give it a Go throughout the academic year. Our intro programme covers intro and week 1, and many of the activities you will see in the programme are run by our Clubs and Societies here at Sheffield. 

How to use your Give it a Go programme!

It is easy really! At the front of the programme you can view our calendar which shows you what is going on each day, there is also a handy icon key so when you see an icon next to an activity you know what it means! Some icons which might interest you are our Residence Life icon, this shows you which activities are right on your doorstep! And also our Give it a Little Go icon, as these activities are completely free!

Discounts with Give it a Go

Throughout the academic year you can get exclusive discounts with Give it a Go for being a part of Residence Life. You can buy your tickets online or from the Box Office. Discounts include £2 off any activity which is priced £2.50 and over, and on our day trips you get £5 off all of our trips! It doesn't matter where the activity is being held, your discount applies to any activity within the price range. There is no cap on how many times you can use your discount either, so it is a brilliant excuse to try out an activity whether you have tried it before or not.

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