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Free Sport in Week 9

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Free Sport in Week 9

This week Residence Sport is all about relaxation! We have added two new sessions into the Programme- Meditation at Allen Court as well as new Yoga session at Sheffield 3. Not your thing? Don’t worry, we have plenty of more to choose from! Have a look at our updated timetable.

You now need to book your free place for all activities - please note that if you don’t book, you may not be able to participate. Bookings can be made here:


Residence Gym: 9-11am, Goodwin Sports Centre

Bootcamp:  5-6pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Sheffield 3 Fitness Class-  6.30-7.15 pm, Sheffield 3 Common Room

Allen Court Pilates: 7.30-8.30pm, Momentum Leisure

Ranmoor Yoga: 7-8pm, Dovedale, The Ridge, Ranmoor

Boxing Fitness: 7.30-8.30pm, Goodwin Sports Centre



** Allen Court Mindfulness and Meditation – 7:30-8:30 pm, Momentum Gym

Learn to Cycle: 5-8pm, Stephenson

Quidditch: 5-6pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Rounders: 6-7 pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Sabre Light Fencing: 6-7pm, The Edge, Endcliffe

High Intensity Fitness Class: 7:15-8:15 pm, The Edge, Endcliffe

Hockey: 8-9 pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Ranmoor Zumba: 7-8pm, Dovedale, The Ridge, Ranmoor

Endcliffe Yoga: 8.30-9.30pm, The Edge, Endcliffe



Beginner to 5 km Run: 3-3.30pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Residence Spinning: 5.30-6.30pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Social Men’s Football: 6-7pm, 5-a-side Pitches, Goodwin Sports Centre  

Women’s Beginners Mountain Biking session -2pm, The Edge

Mindfulness and Meditation- 7-8, Ranmoor, The Ridge , Dovedale

Women’s Boxing Fitness: 7-8pm, Endcliffe, High Tor 2

Social Table Tennis: 6-7.30pm, Stephenson Activity Room

Allen Court Zumba: 7.30-8.30pm,  Momentum Leisure



Social Netball: 4-5pm, Sports Hall, Goodwin Sports Centre

Social Lacrosse: 5-6pm, Pitch 1 and 2, Goodwin Sports Centre

Ultimate Frisbee: 5-6pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Rowing Fitness: 5:30-6:30pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Touch Rugby: 6-7pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Women’s Self Defence: 6-7pm, The Edge, Endcliffe

Endcliffe Fitness Class: 7-8pm, The Edge, Endcliffe

Allen Court Yoga: 7.45-8.45pm, Momentum Leisure

Endcliffe Thursday Yoga: 8.15-9.15pm, The Edge, Endcliffe



*Sheffield 3 Yoga – 6-7 pm, Sheffield 3

Residence Swimming: 6-8 pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Residence Squash: 7.20pm, 8pm, 8.40pm, 9.20pm, Goodwin Sports Centre (40 minute sessions)          

Residence Bouldering: 7.20-10pm, The Matrix, Goodwin Sports Centre

20-8pm - Intermediate      

8-8.40pm  - Beginners 1

4-9.20pm - Beginners 2

2-10pm - Beginners 2                                        


Park Run: 8:30pm, Meet outside the Edge

Residence Mountain Biking: 10am-1pm, Meet outside The Edge, Endcliffe

Dodgeball: 12 noon-1.30pm, Goodwin Sports Centre

Women’s Basketball: 1.30-3pm, Goodwin Sports Hall

Futsal: 3-4pm, Goodwin Sports Centre



Social Men’s Basketball: 10-12noon, Sports Hall, Goodwin Sports Centre

Safe City Cycling: 10.30-1pm, Meet outside The Edge

Social Badminton: 12noon-2pm, Sports Hall, Goodwin Sports Centre

Cardio Tennis Fitness: 2.30-4pm, Crew Tennis Courts, Stephenson

Social Men’s Football: 5-6pm, 5-a-side Pitches, Goodwin Sports Centre

 You can view the full timetable and find our more at: .If you need any more information regarding the sports listed above, please email Dom, your Residence Sport coordinator:


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