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Free Sport for Families

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  1. Booking for adults
  2. Booking for children
  3. How to book
  4. Activities and sports for adults- what's on                                                                                     

    Booking for adults  

    As part of the Residence Life Family provision, you and your partner will be able to attend the activities together.The blue fob covers up to five family members. You will have to attend activities together in order to use the family fob.If your spouse wants to attend different activity (for example one person wants to go bouldering and one person wants to go swimming)  which is on at the same time, you will have to purchase a separate fob for your partner.

If your partner is not a University student, in order to book on they will need to create a Sport Sheffield account.

You can do that either in person at Goodwin Sports Centre or you can do it online at:

Once you have an account, you and your partner must each book your free slot.

Booking for children

Children are allowed to attend the following activities from the Residence Sport programme:

  1. Swimming
  2. Bouldering
  3. Squash


If your child is under 4 years of age, they will not need to book on and they will be able to come with you. This only applies to swimming. Children over the age of 4 have to book on.

We welcome babies from 6 months old. Parents are asked to ensure that children wear aqua nappies where necessary to avoid any accidents.

Children over the age of 8 must not use the opposite sex changing rooms.

Children must be supervised at all times.

Here is the admission policy:

Under 4 years : one child to one responsible parent/adult

4 - 7 years : two children to one responsible parent/adult

8+ years & weak or non swimmer : may be unsupervised (but must not go past the ‘no non swimmers past this point’ sign)

8+ years & competent swimmer (swim 33m) : unsupervised


Children over five are allowed to go bouldering. Please note that you will have to supervise them at all times and you have to be competent at climbing (basic knowledge after induction will suffice).

Parents or guardians must complete a registration form, sign in at reception at every visit and must supervise the junior climber at all times whilst using the Matrix. At no point should the junior climber be left to climb alone without supervision


There is no age restriction. You only need to book one squash court per family.

Each child has to have an account in order to book on for the activities above. This is Goodwin’s general policy. You can either create an account in person at Goodwin Sports Centre or online at

Your child has to have an email address in order for you to book them online. This cannot be the same email address that you use to book yourself on. If you don’t want to create an email address, you will have to do all of your bookings in person at Goodwin.

Once your child has an account, you will have to book them a slot for each activity that they would like to attend from the list above.

How to book

Here is a step by step guide as to how to book for Residence Sport Activities.

As Our Residence Sport programme is very popular, you need to book your free space before every session. Please note that if you don't book on, you may not be able to participate.

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Online Bookings: It will give you an option to select online bookings or online membership. Select online bookings.
  3. Log into MUSE: If you are already logged in, it will automatically take you through the booking page. If not, please log in.
  4. Select 'Residence Sport': In order to access free activities, please click on 'Residence Sport'.
  5. Pick Activity: You will see the sports and activities that are available to book for this week. The bookings open four  days in advance prior each activity to make sure that everyone gets a chance to book each week.
  6. Click 'Book Activity': If an activity is not found, it is because the booking for the activity is not yet open or  it is fully booked.

Please note: it is important that if you book, you honour your place and attend. You can easily cancel your booking online or at Goodwin Reception.  

You can only book one slot per session to ensure that all students get the opportunity to attend free sport. If you book multiple slots of the same session, one of your bookings may be deleted. (For example - swimming has two sessions 6-7pm and  7-8 pm) .

You can book multiple activities on the same day as long as they are not part of the same session.  

Please make sure that you bring your Residence Life card to all of the activities.

Please note that this is a new booking system. If you have any issues with booking please contact 0114 222 6996 or email

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Dom, your Residence Life Coordinator (Sport & Well being) on

Activities for adults

Please have a look at for a full list of activities that we offer.

Alternatively keep an eye out on as we post a weekly article - 'Free sport in week...' - with details of all upcoming events. 

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