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Free Mindfulness and Meditation

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We are really excited to introduce a new weekly mindfulness and meditation class as part of Residence Life! Our teacher Steve will help us to delve deep into stillness using a variety of techniques including Mantras, Mindfulness, Breath & Body Awareness and more. Every week we will concentrate on a new aspect or theme.

The classes are very practically minded and are geared towards helping people switch off or unplug from their hectic routine. There will always be a firm focus on the right approach to achieve the best results so there will be plenty of practical advice and tips. 

Meditation is not only the best way to step beyond the mind's constant chatter or noise but it also teaches us to watch and accept what is there without any resistance.  It seems that the more we meditate the more distance we create between us and our mind and so over time we become more accepting of ourselves, our lives and other people.

Mindfulness allows us to respond more and react less so that we feel more centred and less stressed out. It truly is an amazing yet simple tool that anyone can use and reap the multiple rewards. Meditation isn't about controlling your mind it is about not letting your mind control you! 



Every Monday


High Tor, The Edge, Endcliffe (click here for Mindfulness and Meditation in City)


7:30-8:30 pm 


All equipment provided. Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing. 


Free for students with Residence Life card. Please bring your card as you will need to show it prior the session. 

How to Book

You now have to book your free place for all activities and sports. Please note that due to limited capacity, if you don’t book, you may not be able to participate. Please book online. 

Here is how to book:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Online Bookings: It will give you an option to select online bookings or online membership. Select online bookings.
  3. Log into muse: If you are already logged in, it will automatically take you through the booking page. If not, please log in.
  4. Select 'Residence Sport': In order to access free activities, please click on 'Residence Sport'.
  5. Pick Activity: You will see the sports and activities that are available to book for this week. The bookings open four  days in advance prior each activity to make sure that everyone gets a chance to book each week.
  6. Click 'Book Activity': If activity is not found, it is because the booking for the activity is not yet open or alternatively it is fully booked.

Please note: it is important that if you book, you honour your place and attend. You can cancel your booking online or at Goodwin Reception.  

Please note bookings open four days prior each activity.

Please make sure that you arrive to the session on time. 

For more information 

Please contact Dom, your Residence Sport Coordinator:

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