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Fancy learning a language over the summer?

Summer is upon us. Are you going abroad anywhere? Or do you fancy setting yourself a challenge for the summer break? Come back and surprise your friends with your new language skills.

The Modern Languages Teaching Centre (MLTC) has perfect preparation courses to help you get to grips with French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Based in Sheffield at the university, the centre runs language courses throughout the academic year, so if you want to keep up your language skills after the summer, you might be able to continue studying a language for academic credits!

Depending on how much you know so far (how’s that GCSE holding up?) the MLTC has courses appropriate for complete beginners as well as those who have a grasp of the basics.
The courses are particularly useful if you’re going abroad this summer. They focus on all the kind of essential travel phrases which you’d need.

Learn how to:

- check-in at your accommodation;
- order food in a café or restaurant;
- speak to staff while your shopping;
- take public transport;
- ask for directions.

On top of all that, you can get a feel for the local culture!

Each of the courses runs for three weeks in June or July. With two classes of three hours per week, usually scheduled in the evening, these courses are intensive. But that makes it all the better!

A small group is really an ideal way to practice your language skills and as it is led by a professional language teacher you know you’ll be learning what you need.

For a relaxed but practical way to learn a language this summer, make sure you check out the courses offered by the MLTC!

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