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Exam Quiet Time

Exam Quiet Time

The last three weeks of each semester are the exam period.

During the exam period it is a requirment that noise is kept to an absolute minimum, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

During Exam Quiet Time you can:

  • Listen to music as loud as you like with your headphones on
  • Binge box-sets at any time but keep the volume down
  • Hang out with friends in cafes and common rooms
  • Video call your family and friends using your indoor voice

During the Exam Period, Quiet Time is 24 hours a day, report any excessive noise to security on 0114 222 4085 or email .

During Quiet Time, there should be no noise that travels into another room, or outside.
Quiet time period (exams) - 20 January - 8 February 2020.

Remember, you may be lucky enough not to have an exam on a Saturday but your neighbours may!

We want you to enjoy living, socialising and studying in your residences and so it’s important to enforce this. It’s also worth remembering that some poor students have exams on the last Saturday of the exam period, just because you might be finished and ready to party doesn’t mean someone next door isn’t doing some last minute revision… please keep that in mind!

We also arrange that only essential maintenance work is done during these weeks, and that it is during sociable hours. 

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