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Ever wondered why staff wear rainbow lanyards?

You may have noticed staff around the university wearing rainbow lanyards. Every staff member wearing a University of Sheffield rainbow lanyard has opted in to be an LGBT+ ally with Open@TUoS.

Open@TUoS was launched in January 2016 to engage staff from across the University in working together to progress LGBT+ inclusion. It was developed by the University's LGBT+ Staff Network, in partnership with Human Resources.

Open@TUoS aims to empower all staff to help create an open, inclusive environment for LGBT+ colleagues and students at the University, by sharing information, encouraging people to become actively involved in LGBT+ activities and by asking staff to visibly support LGBT+ inclusion. 

So if you see a staff member wearing one of these lanyards, you know that they have pledged their support for LGBT+ staff and students.


If you've bought a hot drink from one of the University's hustle & bUStle food outlets across the campus recently, you may also have noticed the limited edition rainbow lanyard cup. Click here to find out what you can do to show your support on social media.


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