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Don't be a 'No-Show', Be like Joe!

Here at Res Life, we LOVE putting on free events and activities for you all to attend!

But unfortunately for many of our events we have big waiting lists of students that don't always have the chance to get their hands on tickets 

We know it's unexpected when something pops up and you can no longer go, it happens to all of us! But luckily there's always another student who might be able to fill in for you and we can always reallocate your ticket if we have enough notice!

So we're encouraging you all to 'Be like Joe' and let us know by dropping us an email at least 24 hours in advance to if you can't make an event! This way we can fill those otherwise empty spaces with other students who are desperate to go!

Please note, if you're a repeat 'No-Show' we may blacklist you from future events that you have registered for - so 'Don't be a No-Show, Be like Joe' and simply let us know!

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