Donate, Don't Waste 2021


Every year we run our Donate, Don't Waste campaign to encourage students leaving the residences to donate any unwanted items. We have partnered with several charities to accept a wide range of items, please see the information below, and if you have any relevant items we'd be very grateful if you considered donating them.

Donate, Don't Waste statistics from 2020

  • Value of donations equates to £42,000
  • 56 tonnes of items diverted from waste streams
  • Student donations were the equivalent of 9 elephants!
  • And helped save 572,029kgs of CO2

We ask that you please separate and bag your donations for each area that they're going to i.e. don't put pillows in with your BHF donation. You can collect black bags from The Edge or The Ridge receptions. 

British Heart Foundation

There are British Heart Foundation donation banks located across the residences, they accept clothes, accessories, books, DVDs, bric-a-brac, and pots and pans. Please do not put any bedding (duvets, pillows etc) into the BHF banks, these can be donated elsewhere, sharp objects such as knives are also not allowed, but again can be donated at another location.

The BHF donation banks are at:

  • Allen Court
  • Broad Lane Court
  • Burbage
  • Cratcliffe
  • Crewe Tennis Court
  • Shore Court
  • The Edge
  • The Ridge

S6 Foodbank

The S6 Foodbank accepts donations of tinned good and unopened packets of food - please do not put opened packets into the donation points, these must go into general waste.

The donation points for the S6 Foodbank will be in place from Friday 28 May 2021 at the following locations:

  • Allen Court Common Room
  • The Edge Hub
  • The Ridge Common Room
  • St Vincent's Common Room
  • 1828 cafe 
  • Heartspace cafe

Sheffield Greyhound Trust 

The Greyhound Trust accepts bed linen, duvets, pillows etc. All donations must be fully covered in a bin bag or something similar to prevent them from becoming wet. Please do not place any bed linen or duvets in waste bins, it is the responsibility of the residents to take them away and not leave them in the accommodation. 

St Vincent's

St Vincent's accepts bric-a-brac, crockery, and pots and pans. 

We will have gazebos on the Edge piazza to collect donations for St Vincent's and the Sheffield Greyhound Trust from Friday 11 June 2021, however, if you have items that you would like to donate before this please bring them to The Edge or The Ridge receptions, separated and bagged up. 

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