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Discover Sheffield: The Great Escape Game

The next stop on our Discover Sheffield programme is a trip to The Great Escape Game Sheffield!

"Welcome to the Devil’s playground, you are his new toys.

Driven by the desperation of your desires, you find yourself trying to beat The Devil at his own game. After having your soul trapped inside the very mirror you have used to summon him, you discover you are in the Devil’s waiting lobby, the elevator to hell. You are not alone. Instead, you are surrounded by his other contestants, enslaved to the game of sacrifice. You must work together to outsmart the Devil’s torments, traps and trickery as you play a game for the ultimate price – the game of sacrifice.

The Devil has taken the liberty of possessing your body. The consequence; he is capable of stirring up plenty of trouble in that time. At the end, The Devil will either leave your body or claim your soul. What he does with it, nobody knows…Yet.

Will you become the next sacrifice?"

The escape room will take place on Friday 15 February and one of our fabulous Residence Life Mentors will meet you outside the Student's Union (Bar One) at 6.30pm to accompany you on the visit to the city centre.

Places are extremely limited so please visit the Eventbrite page (link below) to secure your spot!

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