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Did you know that we have University houses?

Applications are now open to apply to come back and live in University accommodation next year and we want to make sure you know about it. 

It doesn't matter where you are living now, whether it be in private or University owned accommodation, any student can live in Uni accommodation during any year of their study. 

We know that after the first year at Uni - most students are looking for more independence and to possibly move into houses with friends. 

Did you know that we have University owned houses? 

Our brand new accommodation application system now gives you more control of what's available to you. You can self-select your new accommodation - from the location to the room and even choose WHO you want to live with.

Got a bunch of mates who all want to live together? Simply get together, log on and choose where you want to live. Apply together  at the same time to ensure that you are selecting the same property. 


We've included a biography section within the application process so you can see what the other people who have already chosen their rooms are like.

Are you more of a gamer who likes to stay in? Or perhaps you like to frequent Sheffield's nightlife and enjoy white wine? You can take a look at the biographies of those who have already reserved their room in your chosen property and decide whether it's the right fit for you. 

Accommodation on a budget

Following on from your feedback we now have some budget houses available, perfect for those who are looking to reduce their outgoing costs. These houses are located on Endcliffe Avenue and are in a great location to benefit from all the on-site amenities plus they are within walking (or cycle!) distance from the main Uni campus/Students' Union. 


To find more information about University accommodation click the link below to view our guide. 

Live_In_Accommodation_Guide_2018-19.pdf (2304KB)

We've got ten great reasons why you should seriously consider coming to live in Uni accommodation - keep your eyes peeled for our #TopTenReasonsTUoS messages on social media, or you can read more about them online and even watch out 10 10-second videos telling you why this is the place to be! 

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