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Conwy Castle and Mount Snowdon

One of the best things about Sheffield is that it’s a student city and there are always myriad events organized for the students by the University or other student friendly organizations. One of them is Citylife Sheffield, which organised a trip to Conwy Castle and Snowdonia National Park on 23 November – one for which my flatmates and I just jumped to grab the tickets to go to there. 

I’m a sucker for castles and historically ruined structures and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go to Conwy Castle. We departed at around 8am from Bar One and it was a 3 hour journey to Wales. 

When we reached the castle, I was in awe of the magnificence of the castle and of the scenic beauty surrounding it. The castle had four massive towers which basically acted as a protection to the inner areas of the castle. The whole castle overlooked the Conwy river. The view from the castle was stunning. I could see a major part of the town and also the beautiful blue river. Many parts of the castle are in ruins but it was still fascinating to see it nevertheless. What really caught my attention were the kitchen rooms in the castle because it was unlike anything I had ever seen. They had small steps attached to the walls of the tower-like rooms where I presume the chefs would go up and down to serve and cook. The best part of the castle in my opinion is the massive towers to be honest. The spirally staircase to the top of the tower gave me the feels of the movie Vertigo. When we reached the top of the tower, the view was out of this world. Everything from that height just seemed so picturesque – the river, the city, the bridge, the castle. A picture really cannot describe the loveliness of the place.


Next stop was Snowdonia National Park. We reached there in about 20 minutes from Conwy Castle. Initially, we went on this hiking path known as the Miners’ Track. I went with two of my flatmates but I met five more amazing people through this trip and we were all walking down that lovely path together. We were lucky enough to get good weather because it wasn’t raining at all that day.


When we had walked for about 20 minutes or something, we saw a lake from atop and honestly that was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen ever. That view was breath-taking. The lake surrounded by a range of hills covered in lush greenery along with the sun reflecting and amplifying the beauty. We stood there for some time just to soak in the moment and enjoy it. Eventually, we went down near the lake and obviously took loads of pictures. 


We continued our hike to Mount Snowdon, which is the highest mountain in Wales. When we reached the peak, we were super tired but the astonishing sight from the top of the mountain captivated us and it was totally worth it. Oh and we also sat there and had lunch in the laps of the mountain. Could you really think of a better place to have lunch?
So if you get a chance to go to Mount Snowdon and Conwy Castle, do not miss it especially since it’s so convenient to go there from Sheffield. Also, this is a great way of meeting new people and making friends along the way, which would definitely enhance the experience.

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