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Previous competition winners

By ghewitt 03 Mar 2022

Check out our previous competition winners!

Pancake competition - March 2022

Winner: Dongkwan Kim

Pancakes showing the Earth, a dove and a heart spelling out 'peace'

Chocolate Tasting Workshop Quiz - February 2022

Winner - Peter Monos


City and Country photography competition - February 2022

Winner: Baslin James

Gingerbread decorating competition - January 2022

Winner: Katie-Ann Murray

2nd place: Shakthi Thyagarajan

Decorated gingerbread

Snow sculpture - November 2021

Winner: Vailancia Patricia Ida Rebelo

2nd place: Aizhan Baltabay


Pumpkin Carving Competition - October 2021

Winner - Gerardo Roa Dabike

3 carved pumpkins with candle inside - one cat, one face and one spooky tree

Photography competition - October 2021

Winner - Elizabeth Shimwell

Riverlin valley

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