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Community Fridge Launch at The Ridge

Community Fridge Launch at The Ridge

We launched the first community fridge in Jan 2017. It's located in The Edge cafe where there is a lot of footfall but also in a clean secure area and can be monitored by ACS staff.

We work with several local supermarkets and Tesco express stores all within a one-mile radius of the location here at Ranmoor/Endcliffe. The food is collected by staff on a daily basis and we have had over 25 tonnes of food donated in the time since we launched. None of the food donated is wasted and is always taken by students, staff and people who live in the local community.

In fact, it has been that successful we are going to launch a second community fridge at The Ridge.

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To celebrate the launch of the community fridge at The Ridge, we are providing a free main meal made with items donated from local supermarkets for you guys! 

The free meal will take place on Tuesday 11 February at 6 pm. 

Main meal - Vegetable and barley broth with croutons.

We want you to bring along any surplus items that you don’t think you will use and place them in the new community fridge. Remember to not always count on the local supermarkets to donate unwanted items, you guys and your flatmates should donate your unwanted items to help your fellow students out too. 

To book your free ticket, please follow this link -

Come along, we can’t wait to see you there!

If you would like to get involved in some way then to contact Andy at This may include helping at night or regularly with the community fridge collections, maintaining the cleanliness of the fridge or keeping records of what has been donated/who has taken it etc.

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