Cocktail Master Class - A Blog by Luana Riebel

a glass of wine sitting on top of a table

I’ve been to many Residence Life events but never to a cocktail master class! I’d never heard of this type of event before and that immediately drew my attention. 

Nine of us attended along Residence Life Mentor Libby, we all met at Inox in the SU at 6:30pm, all excited to start pouring and mixing. We all grabbed a seat at the bar and the activity began...

The instructor started of by telling us a little bit more about the equipment we were going to use. Most importantly - the Boston cocktail shaker. The lower bit is a large glass to hold ice, spirits, juice and other ingredients. The upper half is made of metal and placed on the glass. Once everything is measured and the shaker assembled it needs a good shake (that quickly drained our muscle power!).

After having learned about the theory of mixing, we start trying to make our own cocktails. The first cocktail had Triple Sec, vodka and lime juice to make a delicious Lime Martini.  Essential for this recipe - dip the edges of the glass into some lime juice and salt!

Next up was a French Martini consisting of Creme de Cassis, vodka and some yummy pineapple juice. Careful though with this one, the proper French Martini is topped with lovely pineapple foam which is accomplished by some intense shaking so make sure you’ve built some muscles before giving this one a go!

And finally, we enjoyed the best recipe of all - sitting down, having a chat and sipping our cocktails whilst making some new friends!

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