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Christmas Vacation in Sheffield

Spending the holidays away from home initially sounded really low-spirited to me but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Even though the whole city seems empty without the students, there’s still a lot to do during the winter vacations in Sheffield.

For starters, I actually started exploring the city more during this break. With all the hustle and bustle of the term time, I didn’t really have much time to properly look around the city. I visited the Botanical Gardens which is replete with beauty. The garden would certainly liven your spirits up with all the colours around.


Next on the list was the Christmas market in the city centre. Maybe it’s no Winter Wonderland but it’s still really nice. Since I’m a huge foodie, such great varieties of food stalls really excite me. I think I still have the taste of the amazing venison burger I had there. Oh, and the German chocolates were an absolute relish too. There are other stalls consisting of junk jewellery, Christmas jumpers and so on. Also, if you fancy sitting on Santa’s lap, you have that opportunity too!

Peace Gardens is just around the corner. It was so nicely decorated with different lights and structures as you can see in the image below. Thor’s Tipi Bar was a pretty cool place too. Everything was Norse-themed there and the atmosphere and interiors were really good. They had small bonfires at each table and drums as tables which I thought was pretty interesting.


The University organized some events for the students living here during the break and one of them was going to the Peak District. It was really a wonderful experience. I was lucky enough to witness snowfall at the Peak District and it was truly a magnificent thing to see. Also, I got to know some other people in the trip and besides surviving the cold weather, we thoroughly enjoyed. I met some of the people from the trip at Allen Court’s common room on 25 December for a potluck! Most of the people were international students and we all bonded in our desolation away from home. It was a nice evening getting to know people, learning more about their cultures and sharing each other’s food.


Some other events were free sessions at the Goodwin Sports Centre for squash and badminton. Honestly, with not much work to do during the break, I thought I was getting really fat just sitting all day in front of my laptop. These sessions provided a really good recreation to me.

So, if you think that you’re going to be all alone if you spend the break in Sheffield, don’t worry, you’d probably have plenty to do in the city. I almost forgot to mention that I studied too because I have exams right after uni reopens because I’m not just here to have different kinds of food. Or maybe I am. Just kidding. Keep exploring! 

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