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From pubs and clubs to multi-cuisine restaurants, Sheffield has it all! For an absolute foodie like me, it’s actually heaven for all the food-lovers out there. Here are some of my favourites that I have discovered in my short term of staying here:

1. 8 oz. Burger Company
            You’d be surprised to see how much meat a burger could contain if you visit this place. They have a range of options starting from Italian Stallion to Sloppy Joes. Don’t get intimidated by the menu because I initially was struggling to choose from so many options. They definitely sell some of the best burgers in the city and what could be better than a typical burger with fries?


2. Cosmo
            If you like Asian food and you have a huge appetite, do not miss out on this place. Cosmo has buffets for around £14 for dinner and £10 for lunch and it’s not just a two or three course meal, it’s probably more like 20 course meals. It has four to five aisles of food and one whole row just containing desserts along with a chocolate fountain. Don’t worry if you get tired of Asian food because there is a section of Italian food as well if you want to go back to your good old pizza and pasta. But trust me on this, this would be the best amount of money you’d ever spend on food if you go there.


3. Nottingham House  
            I heard about this place a lot from some of my friends and when I finally decided to go there, I wasn’t disappointed. Their home-made pies with mushy peas and gravy are definitely one of the best pub foods I’ve had here. I had some steak and potato and they were delicious. The atmosphere is really nice and relaxed as well. The prices are reasonable enough and you wouldn’t really want to leave the place once you enter especially since it has a pool table too!


4. Ginseng
         This is a Korean BBQ restaurant and in case you’re still wondering, yes, I love Asian food! This place is definitely worth recommending to everyone. Our table had a BBQ place attached to it in the centre. After ordering some BBQ dishes, we were given all the ingredients along with the meat/fish pieces and we could barbeque the pieces ourselves! It was a really nice experience. Don’t worry, they have all kinds of food dishes other than BBQ ones. I took a ramen bowl. The dish itself was so appealing because the whole bowl was continuously sizzling while I was eating from it. Definitely worth a visit. 


5. Sundaes Gelato
            I’ve left the best to be written about to the end. I think I have actually found paradise in here. My personal favourite is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough but the waffles and crepes and everything else are equally good in here. This place is so close to Allen Court that I often go there to get a taste of heaven! If you think I am exaggerating, I’m absolutely not.


Well these are some of the places that I love. Don’t miss out on the chance of exploring more and more of this city!

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