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Catered accommodation - how it works

Students who have been allocated to a catered room will get a GeniUS card in their welcome pack, which is their catering cash card. Here's some more information about how it works...

The GeniUS Card is our catering cash card. Students living in catered accommodation automatically receive a GeniUS Card with a weekly catering contribution of £51.45 (2017-18 academic year). The allowance is added to the card every Sunday during term time (31 weeks in total) and if your son or daughter doesn’t spend the weekly allowance during the week, there’s no need to panic – the cash left on the card will roll over.

The GeniUS Card can be used in any of our hustle & bUStle venues across campus and in the residences, and the student chooses how to spend the contribution – on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or drinks. The Village Store located in the Endcliffe Residences, but easily accessible and available to Ranmoor and Stephenson, is a local convenience store that contains all grocery necessities and is part of the GeniUS scheme. GeniUS cardholders will receive 5 reward points for every extra £1 they spend on top of their weekly allowance, so if they end up spending more they’ll be getting something back. And with each point worth a penny, they’ll soon save up enough points for a treat.

The £51.45 contribution has been designed to cover an average of two meals a day and it’s entirely up to the student how they decide to spend it.

How GeniUS works:

  1. Register the card: Students can start to use the catering allowance on their GeniUS Card from Sunday 17 September, once they have logged into their account and added their card number. A username and password have been provided with their card. Each student can use his or her account to check their balance and you, or the student, can top it up here too!
  2. Your son or daughter's weekly allowance: Every Sunday for the 31 term time weeks of your son or daughter's accommodation contract (excludes Christmas and Easter vacations) £51.45 will automatically be credited to their account. Students can use this in any of our hustle & bUStle outlets. If they don’t spend it all, don’t worry as they won’t lose it, the value will stay on their account and roll over to the next week.
  3. Add cash: If your son or daughter needs to add extra cash to their card, you or the student can top it up at any time online by visiting and clicking 'Top up your GeniUS card'.
  4. Collecting points for every £1 they spend: Each point is worth 1p.
  5. Download the app! Join the 10,000 GeniUS users every month, earn rewards on food & drink across campus. Download the free app now! Search: ‘GeniUS Card’


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