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Bole Hills Fireworks Walk

This article was written by one of our Student Bloggers, Sanchari.

Have you ever heard of a University organizing a firework walk just for the students and providing unlimited hot chocolate? No? Then guess what, the University of Sheffield as a part of their Residence life activities did exactly that.
On 5 November, several hundred students gathered in Allen Court and Ranmoor/Endcliffe meeting points. I went there with some of my friends to Allen Court only to find that we could have unlimited hot chocolate filled up in our flask for our walk. Even though it wasn’t a long distance to walk, we were given proper health and safety instructions and also clearly briefed about how the walk is going to be conducted.

I was really excited to see the fireworks especially because I am from India and we have a huge festival named Diwali wrapped around the idea of bursting firecrackers. We were then divided into small groups of 10-12 people and we started the journey towards Bole Hills.

It was a good experience walking up to the hills because, on the way, I met some new people and managed to get to know more about their perceptions and opinions on all of this. Since we were in a small group, we all talked to each other and actually enjoyed walking up in the cold and dark together. I think this was a really good initiative taken by Residence Life because it actually helped me to make more friends and know more about the diverse cultures of different people.

After some time, we finally reached Bole Hills. We met the groups from Endcliffe and Ranmoor too and there were so many people there. All of them gathered for a single purpose – to celebrate Bonfire Night and enjoy the magnificence of the fireworks in unison. We could see the complete view of the city replete with city lights and of course the fireworks stretching across the massive sky. There were some food stalls put up and I had a double sausage in a bun.
To be honest, it was really chilly in the hills but the hot food and the hot chocolate, along with the view of the fireworks, made it all extraordinary.


There’s something really idiosyncratic about watching the fireworks atop a hill in the dark. All I had wished for then was to have a little music there and I could’ve stayed there all night. With proper protection of course otherwise I would have frozen to death.

Oh did I mention there was a small park there too? I may sound childish right now but we did actually enjoy swinging in the swings like a kid and threatening to push each other off it.


All in all, it was an experience worth remembering and cherishing.

So if you want to be a part of more upcoming events like these, keep an eye on the Residence life portal for updates and also the Students’ Union.

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